How to Deal with Someone Undermining Your Parenting.

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There are many ways a person can undermine you as a parent. The two that I see most often are other parents or someone you live with undermining you. In this post we are going to focus on those being undermined by those they live with family or not. This is something that I have had to battle with on and off for the past year. These suggestions are best for those who have already tried talking with the other person (you really want to try that first other cannot read your mind). If talking is not working, try these suggestions.

Mothers Writing to Relieve Stress and Anxiety + Giveaway

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As you may have read in my Writing Prompts for Mother's Day and Learning Oneself post I am getting into writing every day. I am going to be honest this has not been going well. I wrote almost every day (I know sounds like I am doing it) but the writing I ended up doing was for the blog. This is good for the blog (I have a month’s worth of post), but not 100% helping with my anxiety. I am having a hard time taking a step back from the deadlines (thanks school) and just writing for the pure joy of it.  I am going to attack this problem in three ways.

Why Spanking Doesn’t Lead to Psychological Problems in the Majority of Black Children.

As you can see from the title today's topic is controversial. I have popped (not really spanked because in most cases I do not hit more than once) Noah. This is not done out of anger or frustration it is a well thought through action. In some cases, Noah does not listen and after time outs and repeating myself a million times does not work he gets popped. With that said this is not done over EVERYTHING. This is done when he is doing damage to property, himself, or others. An example being him running out in front of cars. I tried time out, talking with him, not letting him go outside, holding his hand, everything and he was still running out in the street. I made a decision after a very near miss I would rather hurt his feelings by popping him than him get hit.

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Spanking (popping) is something that at one point was okay now you are evil if you do it. However, I want to give people a few things to think about when they think about the topic.