Kick A** Single Mom Playlist (Giveaway)

I think as single mothers we have a unique challenge of trying to stay motivated, free from anger and despair, while juggling doing a two-person job, work, school, and in some cases juggle a romantic partner at the same time. The day to day grind can become very overwhelming.

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Self Love in Only Two Minutes a Day! (Review)

Self care is one of those things that is really hard to do as a single mother. I myself take one step forward and two steps back. So when I was contacted by Timeless Skin Care to give a review on some of their anti-ageing products I was thrilled. I know what you are thinking: “Why do you need anti-ageing anything, you are only 26.” Fact of the matter a lot of women who aged “well” started an anti-ageing regime around my age. So I was very excited to get the offer to review this product. It has been a few weeks in the making. I am going to review this in 5 areas.
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Finding a Good Guy as a Single Mom

Today’s post is a bit more personal I feel like I have mentioned being in a relationship before on the blog but not often and not in detail. One of the first things my ex-husband said when I told him I no longer wanted to work on the marriage was “no one will want to be with a woman who has a child.” This was something I did not believe (my mother had five children and did not have a hard time getting a man), however, I worried about the type of guy I would attract as a single mother.