Noah's Been Sick but He Has His CozyPhones (Review)

Let’s talk about what has been going on in the world of Noah. He started daycare the week I went back to work full time that has been a nightmare. Noah did a lot of crying and nearly four weeks later he is still having a bit of a hard time with daycare. As if that was not enough he got sick, and I mean VERY sick, Noah never gets sick past a few days. He usually gets a cough here and a fever there but is always fully functioning. However, on May 29th he started throwing up (and did this for over a week) and after two ER visits, a doctor’s visit, and missing three days of work they said it was just a virus he was having a hard time getting rid of. I still only half believe this, while Noah is not throwing up he has had a cough for almost three weeks.  Anyways, one thing has been getting me through this and that is CozyPhones Kids Headband Headphones.

College Life as a Single Mother: Sacrifice Now for a Better Life Tomorrow.

Single Mom, College Life

I have made a lot of sacrifices to finish school and I think this is the case for many single mothers who chose to go to school. I have had many nights of not eating, to little sleep, and A LOT of stress, but I made it through. 

What One Single Father Wants Everyone to Know.

Thank you to Single Mom, What a Life for allowing me the opportunity to guest post on her site.   

Greetings everyone, I’m the Skipah from SKIPAHSREALM.COM.  Divorced and single dad (not sure how much longer the “single” will apply) and wear the moniker “Single Dad” like a boss after all I’ve been through.

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