The Struggles of Having a Boy with Long Hair

I miss Noah’s hair. In case I did not mention it Noah got his hair cut in June. It was decision that he made and I was more than happy to let him do what he wanted with his hair. With that said I miss his hair so in honor of Noah’s curls I have written this post.

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I expected a lot of struggles when becoming a single mom, none of which had to do with my son’s hair. However, I have seen as many issues with my son’s hair as me being a single parent. It is not only amazing how he took to his hair but the judgement others  had on him having long hair. 

Sexual and Stranger Safety for Preschoolers (Free Checklist).

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Noah and I have been working on a few things the last  6 months one of things I want to share is sexual safety. Now Noah and I are working on sexual and stranger safety but I feel sexual safety is not as talked about. I was sexually abused at a young age (something I talked about here), and this is something I never want to happen to my son. I took a class on sexuality and it talked about talking about sexuality as young as 3 and talking about sexual abuse while children are young (in a manner they can understand).  Sometimes as parents to save out children from seeing the cruelty and ugliness of the world we wait until they are older to talk about such things as sexual abuse, but the problem is it needs to be talked about before they are at great risk not after. When children hit preschool age they are  at greater risk for sexual abuse. For this reason, I am going to give three tips (and a free checklist) on helping children be sexually safe. 

Kick A** Single Mom Playlist (Giveaway)

I think as single mothers we have a unique challenge of trying to stay motivated, free from anger and despair, while juggling doing a two-person job, work, school, and in some cases juggle a romantic partner at the same time. The day to day grind can become very overwhelming.

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