Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gratitude Challenge Week One

Gratitude Challenge
Week One
1)      Noah
2)      Health
3)      Working internet
4)      Family
5)      School

1)      Friends
2)      Working legs
3)      Tablet
4)      Curies Gorge
5)      Single moms (group on Facebook)

1)      Noah’s lively personality
2)      The ability to go to school
3)      My laptop
4)      My  Single moms (Google +)
5)      The food I eat.

1)      The ability to take care of Noah and myself.
2)      My tablet
3)      My iPod
4)      Hugs from Noah
5)      Good conversation.

1)      Noah’s health
2)      Noah’s growth
3)      My camera
4)      Hidden object games
5)      Farmville 2

1)      Dreams
2)      Goals
3)      Vitamins
4)      Sleep
5)      White noise

1)      Noah’s nap time
2)      Rain
3)      Breaks from school
4)      Technology
5)      Being open minded

I cannot go into to many details about why I chose some of the things I did this week. I have been up since 3:30 am and at this point I want to get Noah and myself ready for a good night’s sleep. I finished midterms and next week it is back to the books and all that lovely school work. I am looking forward to a getting these classes over with. 


Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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