Monday, September 22, 2014

Reflection of Lessons Learned (Rules on who NOT to live with).

I have been living with my sister and her boyfriend for over two years, and I am just now starting not to live out of my suitcases. Growing up (12 - 18) and moving ever 3, 6, or 12 months has taken its toll on my ability to get comfortable in an environment. It is not like when I went out on my own (18) things got any easier, I still ended up moving every 12 months are so. It was a mass improvement form before but people always try and take advantage of a situation. I am 24 and I have grown so much in the time it took me to move out on my own to leaving with my sister. I am just thinking back at those experiences and I regret nothing, but I did learned a few thing.

Reflection of Lessons Learned (Rules on who NOT to live with).

1) Don’t move in with your best friend.
2) Don’t move in with someone who cannot pay a bill on time, anytime. Don’t get me wrong we all forget to pay a bill but if that person cannot pay a light bill on time DON’T MOVE IN.
3) Don’t be friends with someone who has told a HUGE lie to you in the past. No matter how much you have been through its time to let it go.
4) Don’t be friends with someone who only wants to talk and never listens, and always takes and never gives. If a friend of yours cannot help you the same way you help them then they are no good. 5) Be okay with not being friends with someone because life has changed you both. Life changes people and some can still identify with who you become and others won’t.
6) Don’t stay to help family who will not help themselves.
7) Sometimes loving people is taking a step back and loving them from far away. This does not mean you love them less just means you cannot be their crutch anymore.
8) Sometimes the bigger thing to do is walk away. I always took the high road and would be the one that was wrong (even if I was not), I would say I was sorry (even when I did nothing wrong). I learned sometimes being the bigger person is just walking away.
9) Say NO without explanation. I am guilty of feeling I need to explain to people why the answer is no, and when I do that people think they have room to change my mind. So saying no with no reasons sometimes is the best thing for both people.
10) Enjoy the moment any moment. Don’t think so hard about where you will be in 5 years, where other people are right now at your age, or what everyone is telling you to do. Take time to realize you don’t get the time back, now is it.

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