Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gratitude Challenge Week Four

Gratitude Challenge
Week Four

1)      Being okay with being alone.
2)      Not being clingy.
3)      Willing to speak my mind.
4)      Learning what borderline personality is.
5)      Keeping A’s into my 7th week of classes.

1)      Watching Soul Search Sunday
2)      Learning to take accountability for the things positive and negative that have happened in my life.
3)      Noah making decisions that are better for him.
4)      Moving in a direction that is good for me.
5)      Getting Noah on a multivitamin.

1)      Taking away knowledge from school that will help me.
2)      Walks with Noah
3)      Noah getting into holding my hand.
4)      Getting new furniture for the room.
5)      Finishing laundry.

1)      Finished setting up my furniture.
2)      To not seeing any bugs.
3)      My twin getting her package.
4)      Getting rid of some of Noah’s junk.
5)      No rain.

1)      A clean space.
2)      A warm day.
3)      Small talk.
4)      Stack rings.
5)      Noah’s getting social.

1)      Staying consistent with getting Noah to clean.
2)      Getting my quiz done.
3)      Reading with Noah
4)      Noah eating.
5)      Making someone else happy.

1)      Running water.
2)      Two good legs.
3)      Fluoride free toothpaste.
4)      Me time.
5)      Washable crayons.

I finished my Gratitude Challenge on Sunday as planned. However, I had a stomach virus and spent the evening (when would normally post) remembering what it was like to have morning sickness. I could not keep any food down, sit up for a long time, and I had a headache from hell (that I am still dealing with). I had the choice to finish school work or do the blog post and I finished my school work. So on this Tuesday I am doing my recap from last week.

Monday, keeping A’s into my 7th week of classes. I average a B in school witch is better than the C and F’s I got in high school. I do not deal with stress well and the first place it shows is in my school work. However, I am finding I am getting better at keeping myself motivated despite whatever I may be going through. I have also never had this hang up on needing a 4.0 GPA, I know so many people who had one and look back and all they remember is school work. I go to school online so I can watch Noah grow and be there as he does it, and I intend to do just that.

Tuesday, watching Soul Search Sunday. I was watching this with my sister (watched the one with Maya Angelou and Elizabeth Gilbert). They were great looking at two people coming from different lives and still finding a center and a peace. It was wonderful and set me up to have a very positive and uplifting week.

Wednesday, walks with Noah. Noah has started holding my hand when we go on walks, and I am THRILLED about it. He is so independent, so I do not get the pleasure of having him want to be near me. No, he wants to do it all on his own and has been like that since birth. So the fact that he is holding my hand is great, I don’t know what got it started but I do not mind.

Thursday, finished setting up my furniture. What can I say other than BUGS. Having people stay with you is great because you can help them but in some cases they are neither going to better themselves or be clean. In that case you end up with bugs, and this is not new we have been fighting with them for over two years. However, we have them greatly reduced but I was having a problem with one piece of furniture, and no matter how much I cleaned it they just came back to it. So I got rid of it and got a piece of furniture they could not live in.

Friday, Noah’s getting social. Something that I learned in my classes is that children who go to daycare are not more social then those who stay home. Noah was the living test to this and for a long time he was very cautious of who he talked to, now he is more likely to talk to people but he is still careful. He is better with young children and teens then with adults, but it is a start.

Saturday, making someone else happy. My twin got the box I sent her and they are enjoying everything that I sent, and I am happy. I was talking about sending that box FOREVER and I finally did and it was worth it. I got the baby some cute clothing, and my nephew some cute PJ’s and candy. Anyways, I was just glad they got the box because sending stuff to Canada is not fun.

Sunday, washable crayons. Noah loves to color and so far that is as far as we have gotten, he won’t do paint and I am scared to give him a marker. Anyways he colored on the bathroom floor with a brown crayon so I just went and got a whip (the ones I do not use on him Huggies whips suck), I gave the whip to Noah and he cleaned it up. I do not know how people lived without washable crayons.

Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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