Sunday, October 12, 2014

Gratitude Challenge Week Three

Gratitude Challenge
Week Three
1)      Advil
2)      Psychology
3)      Thinking outside of the box
4)      Medication for Asthma
5)      Noah’s health

1)      Maria is mayor on Farmville 2 (I know what you are thinking but a women won, even if it is just a game.)
2)      Being able to hide in the bathroom (if you’re a mom you know.)
3)      Water
4)      Workout time
5)      End of day

1)      Towels
2)      Daniel the tiger
3)      My soft bonnet dryer
4)      Noah’s new sentence (“wait a second.”)
5)      Easy dinner.

1)      Neosporin
2)      Hand cream
3)      New shoes
4)      Noah’s recognition of different sounds.
5)      Good Headphones

1)      Consistency
2)      Running around after Noah for 20 minutes at the bank.
3)      Coloring with Noah
4)      Being close to two of my siblings
5)      Mom talk with my twin.

1)      Noah sleeping in
2)      Doing my hair
3)      Getting some organization done in the bedroom and bathroom
4)      A very relaxed day.
5)      New lipstick.

1)      Ma happiness partner
2)      My last two wisdom teeth are coming in.
3)      Play time with Noah.
4)      Noah asking “why?”
5)      End of forum post for one class.

This week was a lot easier to come up with things I am grateful for but it also become easier to forget to write it down. Anyways Like last week I will give an overview of one thing I was grateful for from each day.

Monday, Noah’s health. I was reading on my Facebook timeline about a friend of mines son having an asthma attack and ended up in the hospital. He is okay but it made me appreciate how Noah has not shown any signs of asthma. Even when he is sick his breathing is not rough, and he does not get sick often. He get a runny nose here and a fever there but he keeps moving through it. I am beyond grateful for that, I cannot put into words how much I worried about him being sick like I was as a child.

Tuesday, Maria is mayor on Farmville 2 (I know what you are thinking but a women won, even if it is just a game.). I was so happy when she won, because she went up against another minority. It was so good to see a woman win something that the fans voted for. Yea more women may play Farmville 2 but I don’t care the reason just that she won. Women need the chance to try at what men think are “men jobs”.

Wednesday, Daniel the Tiger. I had been trying to explain to Noah for months that when an adult goes away they come back. Now he was not crying when I leave (I am taking that to mean he is secure, and knows I will comeback), but was throwing a fit when my sister left. I noticed a few months ago he started saying “auntie comes back”, I thought wow he got it finally. WRONG, he watch two episodes of Daniel the Tiger and then got it. I was not sure how to feel about that, like am I supposed to go around singing everything? Anyways, I am just glad he got it, it has made things so much easier.

Thursday, Noah’s recognition of different sounds. I do not think this requires much detail. However, the fact that Noah is asking me “what is that sound?” Is making me one happy mom. He asked again today about the thunder, makes me smile on the inside he is learning.

Friday, being close to two of my siblings. I am only really close to my two older sisters, in the past I would harp over the fact all five of use used to be close. However, at this point in my life I want the people who have always helped, supported, and stood by me no matter what. Being family does not mean you are giving your all in helping that person. I want Noah to have people he can count on and if that means making the tough decisions then I am fine with that.

Saturday, doing my hair. I had to relax my hair (Google it if you don’t know what it is). Despite the natural craze going around I am still me and do not care what others think. However, this means every 8 to 20 weeks (maybe 24 weeks) I have to relax my hair. It is an all-day event. Even more so now that I have to juggle Noah, cleaning, and cooking (well what cooking I can do). However, I am pleased with how it turned out.

Sunday, my happiness partner. My happiness partner was given to me this week as part of The Happiness Group on Facebook. It is great to have a single mother (like myself) to talk to and to motivate to do this. It is nice not to have someone with the same struggles saying we can do this. I really needed it and she is great.

Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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