Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gratitude Challenge Week Two

Gratitude Challenge
Week Two
1)      Cell phone
2)      Distance (from some people)
3)      Fan
4)      Coke
5)      Weekly Planner

1)      Going to the store early in the week
2)      Noah asking questions
3)      Noah has been napping without fighting about it
4)      Getting my flow back with school work
5)      Autumn

1)      My phone can block unknown numbers (I am so excited about that).
2)      Photo’s I have of Noah.
3)      Lip balm that works (even if it cost an arm).
4)      Online shopping
5)      Happiness Group (Facebook)

1)      A hot shower.
2)      Time Noah gets with other people.
3)      Yoga
4)      Good music
5)      Clean laundry

1)      Days out
2)      Leggings
3)      Sweaters
4)      Boots
5)      Berets

1)      Vacuum
2)      Bath time
3)      Pizza
4)      Balls
5)      Trucks

1)      Skype
2)      Movie time
3)      7 days in a week
4)      Vitamins
5)      Heater

I am now two weeks into this and getting a flow of not just thinking about the five things that go on my list, but thinking about things I am grateful for all day. On top of doing this I have joined a happiness group on Facebook, it is taking away from the time I would spend blogging but I am glad to switch it over for a month.  I am trying to get myself into an all-around better way of thinking and doing things and this group is set up to help do just that. I am not supper tired so I will try and go over why I am thankful for some of the tings listed. I will go over one thing from each day.

Monday, Distance (from some people). I am realizing my relationship with some people does great as long as we are not right next to each other. I also realize for some people who I cannot just get rid of i.e. family who will always pop up, the distance between me and them is great. Not having to pretend to get along with someone or be near their fakeness (is that word?), drama, and stress is great.

Tuesday, autumn. I love the autumn for many reasons one being it is cool but not freezing. It is the best time to wear legging, sweaters, and all the cute stuff that you cannot wear in winter. I do not relaxing or wash my hair as much so I get a little more “me time”. It is also the time of year I can go back to working out, that is right I do not work out in the summer. I do not sweat and over heat working out really easily.

Wednesday, my phone can block unknown numbers. I do not feel this needs much explanation, but I love that my phone can do it. Most app do not allow for unknown numbers to be blocked, and the fact that they keep calling (telemarketers) was driving me crazy. The same people calling over and over after I tell them not to call.

Thursday, time Noah gets with other people. I do not just enjoy this because I get a small break from him but because of what he learns in that time. Being around different people opens his world up to things that are different from what I would do. It also gives him a chance to miss me and work off some energy he does not always work off with me.

Friday, Berets. Fun fact about me, I have never liked doing my hair EVER. That has not changed I have to just conceded to the fact it has to be done, and it can be done right the first time are it will give me hell later. The berets just make things easier I do not have to take time to do my hair just put one on and walk out the door.

Saturday, Trucks. I do not know what I would have done with Noah if it was not for trucks. He loves those things and can keep busy for hours with them. He is one of the most well behaved children at a restaurant as long as he has a truck.

Sunday, Movie time. My sister and I used to do this a lot, not so much now. We would spend a whole day just watching movies, but I think between her social life and my school work it just does not happen. However, we were able to do it today, and I still got all my school work done and turned in on time. 


Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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