Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bedtime Stories and Mommy's Reading Disorder.

What is it like for a mom with a reading disorder to read to her child? There are several words I can use to describe those moments anxious, nervous, self-aware, worried, overwhelmed, and sad. There are good things about them like spending time together, him engaging in a calm activity, and me building my confidence. However, I have to be honest when Noah was a baby I would read to him and be thinking I hope I do not make a mistake or that if I made too many it was going to affect the way he read. That me having anxiety about reading was going to make him the same way and for some reason I always had an image of me making him not liking to reading because I had a hard time with it. All you hear from doctors and people is READ, READ, READ when Noah was not talking on time the first thing she asked was did I read to him, its overwhelming. As a parent you want to do what is best and with as much as reading is talked about you start thing this one think will make or break my child.

Something we talk about a lot in psychology is conducting, for some childhood disorders it is hard to see if they’re learned behaviors or if they have a problem. This is what I was so afraid of, that I was going to teach Noah how to have a reading problem. I know it might sound crazy to some people but that was my thought process. However, psychology as also should me that it is rarely ever one thing that breaks a person, it a combination of things. From that I try and take a more positive look on the situation. Many children do not learn bad habits from their parents.  Furthermore, Noah is seeing me and other people reading (in my case almost every day). I am hoping he will see that even with the difficulty I have with reading I still do it, and that he should as well. As I have stated in another post (here) I am not going to force him because that does not help, but I am seeing as I get more comfortable with the fact I am going to make mistakes the more he is willing to read with me.
Noah's favorite night time books.

Noah and I are going on a week where he is letting me read to him. We read a story before nap time and before bed, and he has been really enjoying it. I am starting to see the types of books that he likes and that as he gets older he is better able to sit still long enough to enjoy the books. I still have to catch myself from saying something negative in my head when I make a mistake reading, but I am grateful that all my work is paying off, and I can enjoy a book with Noah.

Noah's favorite book (was also mines as a child <3).


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