Saturday, November 1, 2014

Citrus Lane Noah’s Box’s.

I do 90% of my shopping online for many reasons, Noah has gotten used to seeing the boxes so he wants whatever is in it. I thought that getting him a box sent once a month he can get a box that is just his and no one else’s. Noah got his first box this month and I also got him a surprise box. He was so excited about the first box, because after I opened it he got to take everything out of it and he did not have to share. Noah loved the trucks and through this big fit while I was taking the pictures. I love that they were wood, I have been trying to buy more wood toys. I like the maracas but for personal reasons will not buy anything from that company and Noah LOVES them.  The book is good at getting Noah's attention the problem is I cannot say half the names in the book (lol) what are you going to do?!

The surprise was box came today and Noah got the surprise box, and while he could not play with everything he was still excited. Noah has been over the moon about boats, and he just would not let me get a picture. The boat was the only thing in the box Noah could really play with he also got a water bottle (not pictured).

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