Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Citrus Lane Box (Winner of Give Away)

This months box was pretty good, I am not a fan of puzzles for toddlers. The first thing Noah did when he saw the puzzle was ask to play with it. I pulled it out and he had a fit because it was not doing what he wanted. Needless to say the two other times him and I tried playing with the puzzle he got very upset, so their is a really good chance I am going to give it away. With that said other then that Noah really loved the box. The pictures are in order of favorite.

 Noah loved the fake veggies and knife. He is always trying to help in the kitchen and this makes him feel like he is.

 I love these, Noah goes through so many crayons, they are beeswax so the colors are beautiful. They are thick and harder to break but Noah has still manged to break one.
 The puzzle that caused  a lot of heartache, it is two puzzles in the box and while I enjoyed them Noah did not.
The band-aids that Noah tried so hard to get his hands on. He will put these things EVERYWHERE so I did not give them to him. I am happy to have them in the house.

Over all I am really happy with the box, I may in the future be getting more of the veggies :). The crayons are going on my list of things I need to keep in the house for Noah. I know that most toddler crayons are made safe but something about beeswax makes me feel better about Noah putting them in his mouth. I will be holding off on puzzles for a year just until Noah can understand what I am saying (okay maybe until he is actually listening to what I am saying).

On another note I had a Citrus Lane giveaway and I am so glad to have a winner! Thank you to everyone who joined and be on the lookout for the mom giveaway coming up in December.

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