Sunday, November 23, 2014

You Where Home-schooled so You Must Want to Home School?

You where home-schooled so you must want to home school? How do answer this????

I was home schooled for the most part, maybe did two years altogether in a public school setting. I did one solid year in the third grade, half a year in middle school and maybe half a year in high school. I did not like school but that had more to do with stress at home, my reading disorder, and being put back in the 9th grade at 16. With that said my answer to home schooling no is.
Hell no I am not home schooling. I have very mixed feelings about homeschooling, and I am not about to use my son’s education, social, and youth as a test subject to be clearer about those feelings.

  Why am I not okay with homeschooling you ask (the cons)?!

God does not always equal fact. I am so sorry children who are home schooled and all they learn is based around God this is not learning. Something’s are backed up by science and no matter how many times a person says it’s not, it is. I do not think books that are not supported by fact overweight fact.

Time, time, time, and I forgot to say time. Children are at school for 8 hours a day, best case you can get the same amount of work done in three, but what did they get out of it? Yes they learned the something, but did they get to go to a lab for science, did they get to debate a different point of view in civics, did they get to meet someone from a different religion in history?

Passion and patience. I think many people thinking that they can do it better then teachers. I do believe that some people who teach shouldn't but let’s be real teaching is a skill, and everyone does not have it. Some teachers give children their first sight of real passion and patience for wanting to help another. You cannot replicate what a person feels when they love what they do.

Social interactions. I do not care what anyone says I have seen children who are home schooled, and yes they can have good social skills but it does not mean they are not stressed in the situations. I know plenty of home schooled children and there is a difference in reality that they have then those of their peers who went to school with other children.
a)      They have no idea about reality, it is one thing to watch TV or have family and friends tell you about reality and another thing to live it.
b)      They do not create identities outside of close family and friends. Now we are taught in psychology why peers are important, it teaches children to be their own person, to say no to things they do not want, to step away from family and began to build something else. Children creating their own identity is so important and I see this as a MAJOR problem with home schooled children. They do not know where they begin and the family or friends they have end.

Control (I see this as a pro and con). Parents try and dictate too much of what is going on in the child’s life and not leave room for them to become who they are or want to be. There is nothing that gets under my skin like a parent saying they want to best for their child but truly what they want is control of their lives.

There are some pros to homeschooling.

Children who are home schooled think more out of the box, in some cases. Schools have been said to teach children what to think, not how to think. I however feel like this is something that can be combated with parent involvement.

Maintaining a close relationship with family. It is easy with life to lose track of family and say we will do it tomorrow, or we will do it later or tomorrow and it never happens. However, going to school at home will keep you right with your family (for the most part).

Less money on things like clothing, makeup, and other things that peers might influence a child on. Children are less likely to want makeup, name brand clothing, and other such things without peers to push them into wanting it.

Control (I see this as a pro and con). You know what your child is eating, who they are around, what they are learning. The fact that teaches have said negative and hurtful things to students is disgusting.

Safety. With school shootings and other such violence I could see why many would chose to home school.

For Noah and I, I do not feel home schooling is the best thing. I want him to have the chance to thrive in an environment where he can become his own person. I want his world diverse, and that means not homeschooling. I feel he is going to get so much more from this world I just have to set him free to do so. 

Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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