Sunday, December 14, 2014

My 2014 Hit List.

I have been busy with school, Noah, and well life. So I have not been posting twice a week, part of that has to do with the December giveaway I am doing (you’re going to love it). I believe music can tell you a bit about a person so I thought I would do something fun and give a list of my top albums and singles of the year.


1) ATB feat. Sean Ryan, “When It Ends It Starts Again”

2) Wrabel, “Sideways”

3) Christina Perri, “I Believe”

4) Bonnie Anderson, “Blackout”

5) Amy Stroup, “Finally Found Our Way”

6) 2CELLOS (Sulic & Hauser), “Mombasa”


1) ATB, “Contact”
What can I say this was an early year release, and I am still listening to the album. I love trance I love it even more when it chilled. I can listen to this album while reading, doing yoga, writing an essay, pretty much anything.

2) Roman Lob, “All That Matters”
Never heard of the guy before hearing a song by him called “Where Are We Now?” Great song and a decent album he has a beautiful voice.

3) Wrabel, “Sideways (EP)”
I never heard of this guy either but his EP is one of the best releases of the year. I hate EP’s in most cases but I loved his it was only four songs but still very good, my fingers are crossed for a full album one day.

4) Midnight Cinema, “Lightning in a Bottle”
This is former members from Thriving Ivory (who I love) and when one of the band members left they did a redo of the name I guess so people did not expect the same sound. Over all a great album I love the guy’s writing, missing the piano some but love that the band did not just break up.

5) RyanDan, “Imagine”
I waited 9 years (Yes that long) the boys can sing and I must say it was worth the wait. I liked that they did not have you wait 9 years and then redo older classical songs. No, these guys wrote all new songs and dare I say this album may be better than the first one. Anyways, I did not think it was possible to keep fans waiting that long and then the album be mind-blowing, but it was.

6) Dash Berlin, “We Are, Pt. 1”
What can I say it’s Dash Berlin, the music is alive and if I danced it would be great to dance to. I am a little mad the album has only 6 tracks but what are you going to do. Not sure if I like it more than his older work, but still good to listen to.

There is a pattern here if you are looking I love singers who writer there stuff (Warbel, Amy Stroup, Christina Perri, Roman Lob, Sean Ryan, Midnight Cinema).  Here is a bonus single and album, which I am loving not sure how I will feel in six months but right now I am in LOVE.

Bonus Single

Banks, “Goddess”

Bonus Album

Betty Who, “Take Me When You Go”

Never heard of this girl and found her by accident. I do not like Katy Perry AT ALL but she kind of reminds me of her  (a little).  She has a 1960ish sound just more modern LOL, sounds like a contradiction. Anyways, just give her a listen.  

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