Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Year Goals for the Blog (announcement of giveaway item).

I have a lot of stuff I want to happen in the New Year.  Before getting into that let’s review and see how I did on this year’s goals for my blog.
This year’s goals!

1)      Buy my ULR. I do not want my blog.
2)      Add a new label to the mix where I talk about hair and beauty.
3)      Maybe do a picture a week with Noah and I. (I have to find a way to trick Noah first.)
4)      Do a post a week. (I am really going to try my hardest to keep to this).

I am feeling proud of myself I did 2 out of 4. I added hair and beauty to my blog, and I have been posting twice a week (for the most part). You cannot really see that because I shut the last blog down but you can take my word on it. As for buying my URL that is not happening anytime soon LOL. The whole thing stresses me out and now that you cannot do it through blogger I am more stressed. What is a good third party site? Do I really want to go through all that work? I don’t know yet. As for taking a picture of Noah once a week. I have been doing that but I am not posting the pictures. I have had some weird guys following me on a few social sites so I have not been putting as many pictures on Noah online.

My blog goals next year (2015).
1)      Give the blog a new look.
I tend to give my blog a new look at the beginning of every year. I kind of gets me re-excited about the blog. As a matter of fact I have already bought the new look (thanks black Friday!), I will do a post on it and give more information about template.

Preview of the new blog colors and template (2015),

2)      Talk more about what I am learning from my classes and how I am using that knowledge in everyday life.
I think I did one post on this but I do use psychology and sociology a bit in my everyday life. I would like to push myself to talk about that a bit more.

3)      Try and do two more giveaways (really enjoyed them).
This year I did something different when I did the giveaways and I found I really enjoyed it. I like feeling like I am making someone’s day brighter.

4)      Continue writing twice a week.
This should not be too bad, but I am in my major core requirements for psychology and I have started taking classes for my sociology minor, so my flow may be thrown off. But I am going to keep pushing myself to put out two post a week.

5)      Get a little more personal.
I kind of keep really personal stuff to myself, and this is purely out of fear of the information being used against me later on. However, I do believe that living in a fear just holds you back so I am going to get personal.

6)      Add a new tab.

I will be adding an advice tab, to my blog. I am the go to gal for advice and I have always been that way. I suppose it because I generally keep to a middle ground when it comes to people’s problems. That is do not judge (for the most part, I am still human).

Speaking of giveaways this Saturday a giveaway for a  Fire HD 7 tablet starts and I am so EXCITED. I cannot wait!

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Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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