Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice (2014)!

I had a beyond enjoyed able Winter Solstice with Noah. I ended up staying up until midnight until midnight or one o’clock watching a document on the Amish. Anyways, Noah ended up sleeping late and but when he woke up and saw his gifts he was thrilled. He seemed most in love with his Course George stuffed animal. After that he just jumped from item to item, and finally he ended with a love with his DVD’s, fire truck, Legos, and stuffed Course George. I am looking forward to reading some new books with Noah. We had been reading and talking about the Winter Solstice for a few weeks. I am looking forward to creating traditions over time with Noah.

(Don't worry about the mess in the background.)

 Noah with his Course George doll and book. He was thrilled and I was happy I picked well.

 Noah watching his OSO DVD. He has been asking about him since Netflix's took the DVD's off.

Noah opening up his fire truck he was THRILLED about that truck. I was happy it was eco friendly,  It was the second of the two gifts he got from someone else besides me.

I am grateful that Noah loved every single one of his books including his books. We read Course George and he loved it. I am so excited he is getting into books the way he is.

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