Dr. Maya Angelou

Saturday, February 7, 2015

For black history month I have chosen to talk about people of color who have inspired me. The first is Dr. Maya Angelou. She has inspired me in a few ways:
First: She strangely believed in forgiveness and love, and she lived that way. I was watching a program and something that blew my mind was Maya Angelou talking about how her mother was a great mother to her as a teenager not a young child. That was inspiring for two reasons the first she had a level of forgiveness that I think this world needs.
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Second: She was an African American woman who was educated. Dr. Maya Angelou received over 50 honorary degrees and was the Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University for more than 25 years. She had 36 bestsellers and wrote 36 books.
Third: She is my mom hero, she had this AMAZING career and still managed to raise a child alone.  When you hear her son talk about her, and him talk about her it is so moving. She not managed to love and care for another human in such a way. It is beyond moving and I do hope that one day when I am old Noah can look and speak of me the way Guy does Maya Angelou.
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Dr. Maya Angelou talked about topics that were taboo, she was strong, and confident. I have to say the first thing that went through my mind when she passed was how much Noah is missing out on. I am truly going to miss her writings and the seeing her speak, she had a way with words. 
This photo is not mine.
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