Happy Valentines Day (2015)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Noah spent most of today with my sister’s boyfriend. It was good gave me a chance to write, do a little cleaning, and do laundry. .  I was going to do a mini photo shoot today but for the life of me cannot get Noah to go with that. So after Noah took a nap we went for a walk it will be the last one for a week or two with the cold front moving in. It is supposed to snow Monday and Thursday of next week. I am looking forward to the spring, and we are talking about taking Noah to the zoo. I have also got to get the appointment set up for professional photos. That is right it will be the first time in almost two years but I am paying someone to take pictures. Noah will not let me get a good pictures of him and I together and I really want some. Anyways, the walk with Noah was wonderful the more words he is learning the funner these walks are getting.

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