Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birthday (Noah is 3!)

Today was a very eventful day. It was Noah’s third birthday! It was also the first almost full day of potty training (9 am until 6 pm). 

Potty Training!

Noah and I had a rough day with potty training and I have to figure out what to do tomorrow. Noah has to sit on the potty for at least 20 minutes are he will not go to the bathroom.  I can tell this is going to be so much work, but I am happy that he is not have the same reaction he had the last time (read here). Tomorrow is only day 4 and I think we will have a better flow tomorrow. If I cannot make some head way it is going to be rough when my classes start back up.

Birthday Fun Yesterday.

Ryan and I took Noah to the fire station yesterday (Ryan’s idea). Noah really enjoyed it and I am happy that we found something to do with all the rain, wind, and cold, mold, and pollen going on.  I have also be really emotional, tired and sick so it was nice to do something simple.

Noah did not get a lot of toys or anything big (like I would have liked to do), but he seems very attached to the toys he did get.

Birthday Cupcakes!

Today Noah and I made cupcakes. I did a lot of backing today, but the cupcakes are the only thing Noah made with me. He was not like children I have worked with who wanted to be all in the mix, he just wanted to pour in the products. He did not even try to mix, and I think he was worried about getting stuff on him. I must say it was not only great to get back into backing but it was really nice to have made something with Noah.

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