Thursday, April 23, 2015

Daily Photo Diary Challenge (Day 4)

Today was one of the better days I have had. I suppose that is due to that fact that Noah was more behaved then he has been. I also had a really high moment at dinner time. I made chicken and used it in a salad, and surprise, surprise Noah ate it with little argument. He finished all of it and I did not push him to do so. On top of that he told me the chicken was good. Children do not lie, so it must have been good. :)

I also spent an hour putting Noah’s birthday present from auntie came and he loved it. He did not stop talking about it. I am happy that he is really enjoying it and looking forward to Noah getting outside and riding in his car. Noah's birthday has been something of a stress for me this year. I had all these plans on what we ere going to do and what I was going to get him, and now none of that is happening. Money is so tight at this point I feel guilty, because he deserves a nice birthday. I feel grateful that my sister was able to get him something he really wanted. I need to keep reminding myself that we can do something, and I can get him the gift I wanted when I have the money. It is so easy to forget how comfortable it is to just not move, to really just plant your feet somewhere. It took so long to feel like I was home and now I feel like I am back to a living out of a suitcase mindset. 

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