Saturday, April 25, 2015

Daily Photo Diary Challenge (Day 5)

Yesterday I was so tired and did not post, and today I am so tired. However, my brain seems to be working better today. That might have something to do with the fact that I did not finish an essay today (did yesterday). Today was the first day of no class work, and I am already bored.Noah and I ended the yesterday watching Big Hero 6. Noah really enjoys that movie and he did something that I was not expecting, he started acting out the emotions of the character. He is trying to get a better range on his emotions and I am very excited to watch this develop over time.

Today was a good day I took Noah for a walk early in the morning, and then took another walk in the afternoon. Noah told me on the afternoon walk that I needed “to be safe.” He is so sweet, I say that to him a lot. We walked over to the Petco and Noah got to see the few animals they had. I was somewhat disappointed they did not have any rabbits. However, they had a spider and I knew my boyfriend hates those so I took and picture and sent it to him. :) I am kind of thinking of getting Noah a frog, he seemed really excited about them. Anyways, Noah really had a good time at the Petco.

I am proud of Noah he kept asking for a toy and in most cases I would have gotten it but money is really tight. I told him no and he had a very mild fit and then when I told him to stop, he stopped. He is starting to not take everything too personally, and considering he did not take his nap he did well. 

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