Friday, April 10, 2015

Drowning ( Keep an Eye on the Little Ones).

So I was commenting on a post on a Facebook page for mothers. It was on a photograph who took pictures of infants under water to prove the importance of teaching infants to swim. My comment was as follows

The reasons I am suggesting to hold off on teaching children to swim is because of the amount of water they drink. 9 year olds can dry drown (secondary drown) imagine how much water an infant is taking in. This is not safe in my view, nothing tops just watching the child(ren) around water.

I was very upset they kept deleting the post, I guess the fact that they did not agree was the problem. The best time to teach child how to swim is between three and four after they learn that their months should stay shut. If you do teach your child to swim early learn the symptoms of dry drowning.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) nearly 300,000 (under estimation some countries do not keep detailed records) people die a year from drowning this does not include secondary drowning and floods (and other natural disasters). Drowning is highest in low and middle-income countries with that said drowning is more likely to kill boys aged 1-4 then a motor vehicle accident. With that in mind 1-4 year olds have one of the highest death rates due to drowning (50% of all drowning in America), with drowning happening most for children under 1 in baths, with swimming pools being highest for children 1-4). Here are a few mom tips on staying safe in the pool, bath, and in seas (and other natural waters).

KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR CHILD(REN)!! I cannot stress how important this is. Parents think because they have a child that can swim they can walk away from the pool and this is NOT true. If your child is in water you need your eyes on them. The CDC also recommends not wearing sunglasses.
Safety first. If you have a pool have it set up so a young child cannot just wander into the pool. If you do not childproof anything else in your home childproof this.
Do not place an infant in the bath and walk away. This is not always easy even more so if you have more than one child so think about getting a baby bath. My son had one until he was a year and half so if I had to make a run out of the bathroom for a few seconds (lets be real we all forget things) he could not move. However, when children get to the point where they can stand do not use something that will confine them.
Do not put it off on older children to watch your child. If you cannot watch your young child in the water then do not have them in it. It is hard for children and teens to really pay attention and they should not have to.
Know the spot. If your child is swimming in natural water do your research on tides, currents, lake winds and weather. Do not get your child in waters that they cannot handle.
Nothing beats just watching your child, with summer around the corner have fun and be safe.

If you want to read about where I got my information check these sources out.
Berk (Where to buy the book)

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