Thursday, May 7, 2015

Describe your demographic group.

The topic for the 8th day of my 30 day writing challenge is: Describe your demographic group. After taking two history classes (African American history and Native American history), and three or four psychology classes that covered varying degrees of racism and prejudice, these are questions that I want to answer.

Describe your demographic group.
I can describe my demographic group from the stand point of what I have learned as a Black/African American. We can be describe as a minority, as have being an ethnic group. That is black people identify with one another based on common ancestral, social, and other cultural factors. How I personally see black Americans (I say black because at this point my african heritage is so far behind  at this point I am just an American) we as a people are hurt, loathing, driven, creative, forgiving (some), and willing to fight. However, I feel like slavery, racism, and prejudice will not let things within the black community change. Things are  not talked about so black people are still treated the same and it is so normal now that it is hard to change.

Are there stereotypes that go along with who you are?
There are a lot of stereotypes that go along with being black and not just from the out groups (as it is called in sociology), but also from the black community.

Stereotypes of the outgroup (everyone who is not black):
We are lazy
We are uneducated
The majority on welfare
We are violent
We are not as smart
We are ugly
We are angry
We are raciest and prejudice
We just want a hand out
We do not like to work
Black women are angry
We are more likely to do drugs
That all black women are single mothers
That all black men want to be rappers, play sports, or something like that

Stereotypes of the in-group (black):
Black women are angry
There are no good black men
Light skinned black men and women think they are better
Light skinned black women are stuck up and high maintenance
Light skinned black men and women want to be white
Black women with straight hair don’t like who they are

What are the storylines associated with being a part of this group?
This question is confusing me but I think it means what history so I am going to name a few things that are apart of black history. Some of these things are more known to the in-group then to the out group.

Black history:
Civil Rights
Creation of Jazz
Speakers, singers, poets at presidential inauguration
Black President

Describe the stereotypes of your group that you confirm.
I am a single mother, I also receive benefits from the state. However, these are the only two stereotypes of the list I have given that apply to myself.

Describe the stereotypes of your group that you subvert.
I subvert all stereotypes people need to be looked at on a case to case and stereotypes are a way to reinforce racism and prejudice, and not just within the black community. I am not uneducated, I am not angry, I do not harp on the past, and I sure as hell do not feel like I need a hand out. I am going to school to give myself and my family a better life, and if that means for a while I need help then that is what it means. 

How would you describe your demographic group?

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Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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