Saturday, May 2, 2015


The first time you were caught in a lie, is the 5th topic for the 30 day challenge.

I cannot really remember the first time I was caught in a lie. In any case I cannot remember when the last time I told a lie. However, I can remember the last time I told a lie and it nearly feel apart. Well it was not me lying so much as saving a guy from a lie. I meet this guy and he was making a big deal about him and I going to the movies. For some unknown reasons he wanted to sneak in, he did not want to pay. So he wanted to tell the people working at the movies we had tickets but left them and needed to get back in. He started talking to the guy with this long winded story and I cut him off and gave a simple story. Needless to say we got into the movie the guy was really surprised because I had never/nor have I since done anything like that. I always feel guilty lying about stuff like that it is needless and does no one any good. I think I was 19 and I since have just made it a point to say what I need to say.
I learned something about myself that day, like if you’re going to lie keep it simple. Also stealing is stealing, and I don’t think he saw that is what we did. I did not say to see the end of the film I also did not talk to the guy after that. I could see what kind of road he could lead me down and it was one I was not willing to go down. 

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