Sunday, May 10, 2015

Loving People Differently.

My writing prompt for today was something about love and Fifty Shades of Grey, so I am not going to have anything to do with it…Changing the topic for the 11th day of my 30 day writing challenge to: Loving people differently.

Having a twin teaches you something amazing. What it is like to love someone as they change, how much it hurts when they reject you, and how everything you put into the relationship you should get back. If you are a twin you may be blessed enough to be close to them, and than you know what I mean.

When someone ask why is it you love them it puts you in a spot. It’s like when someone ask “who are you?” how is that question answered? How can there be enough words and not all at the same time?

I think everyone says some of the same things about why they love someone, like, they are kind, giving, understanding, I can talk to them, and we get along well…. Blah to keep from sounding cliché I can say I love this person because I feel free…
I love many more people then listed below, but only few who hold my whole heart. Only a few who if lost would take a layer of my heart with them. I found myself asking how can I love many people and the love not be the same? How can I put into words how their love has made me better?

My twin’s love makes my heart safe. My world would feel as if it was falling beneath me if it was not for the consistency of my twin. So many people go searching for a soul mate and I feel like I was blessed to come into the world with one.  We have not always been close but we would always do what it took to keep the other safe.

My older sister’s love makes my heart strong. My older sister has/does live through some crazy things. She goes though the challenges of her life with class, dignity, fairness, strength, and forgiveness those things rub off on a person and I am thankful I have learned from her. I have taken pains with my head held high, with faith, and optimism that the pain will pass.

My boyfriend’s love brings color to my heart. It is so easy for me to see the world in shades of grey, black, and white, to take too much to heart and seriously. It is nice to have someone there to paint the world around you in color, to remind you it’s not that simple, and everyone with the best and biggest hearts maybe just do not understand what I am saying. That I can take time to make a mistake, and maybe laugh about it later.

My sons love makes my heart complete. You never know you’re not complete until that piece falls into place. There is nothing as fulfilling as being a mother, as watching the best of you come to life, as being a person’s life line to the world. Loving someone as much as a mother loves a child is both uplifting and terrifying, and I would not change it for anything. 

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Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.

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  1. I appreciate how you describe your love for those near and dear to you. It is original and strongly felt. I pray you always have this love to keep you safe and whole. <3