Sunday, May 3, 2015


With all of me I am going to try and focus on the good things in my day. Yesterday Noah and I walked to the park, it was nice but I think Noah would have enjoyed it more if he had someone to play with. 

Today Noah, Ryan, and I went to look at an apartment and then went to the park. Noah found a little boy about his age to play with and they seemed to get along well. I notched some of Noah’s only child issues shining through, he did not want to share anything including Ryan and I. Noah’s sentences structure is also getting more complex and for the mast part he is up to using full sentences for everyday talk. (He is not say “no, mommy” he is saying no, mommy I don’t want to.”) I am very happy with how he is growing but the sharing thing is something I am going to have to work on. I do not know if I feel like I need to change him telling others what to do, it is kind of a positive trait. It will teach him to lead, I just need to make sure it does not turn into bullying.

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