Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ageing Stereotypes

Thanks to sleep issues I have not been able to write. I am going to do this week’s topic on something we covered in class. It is always important to know where your short coming s are. Stereotypes are covered on all kinds of things it is rarely talked about win regard to ageing. The topic for the 24th day of my 30 day writing challenge is: Ageing Stereotypes.

What negative stereotype about something related to aging have you long held?
I am happy to say that explicitly I do not have a lot of negative stereotypes about ageing. I grew up in an African American Muslim community and there is great emphasis on the respect and good treatment of the elderly. The two negative stereotype I know I have is that as people age that become less willing to change, and older people do not have sex after a certain age. Over the course of getting my education I have noticed the stereotype about sex getting later in later in age. When I started school I though peoples sexs lives declined around 40 I learned in another class that is not the case for most people. This week’s reading was talking about how 25% of people between 60 and 71 years old regularly engage in sexual intercourse (Hoyer, & Roodin, 2008), and this blew my mind. What I mean by less willing to change, is that those who were raised racist do not try and change that in later years, I feel this is supported by changes in decision making. This such as race, heath, politics, and other such things become more complex, and it is just frustrating to try and change at an older age. “It seems that the kinds of decisions that older adults face are more complicated now than in past decades. (Hoyer, & Roodin, 2008, p. 245).”

What specific steps will you take to mitigate the consequences of the negative stereotype you identified?
The biggest way I have dealt with any stereotype is to meet people who have not lived up to it. I know enough about prejudice and stereotypes to know you can’t pretend that they are not there. I have been able to overcome many stereotypes facing them and I intended to do that with aging stereotypes as well. I have a mentor who is older and he has done a great deal for showing me how ageing really is.

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