Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Playlist!

I have had a lot going on and to add to that one of my classes has gone from giving multi-choice questions to essay questions (FML). I have not been really focused the last week so when I do get a clear head about me I am spending my time working on the quiz.  With that said I decided to do something simple for today’s topic. The topic for the 20th day of my 30 day writing challenge is: What are you listing to? I feel like music has a way of telling you about a person even without them saying anything so here are my top ten tracks.
1)      Emeli Sandé “Mountains”
2)      Gwen Stefani “Baby Don’t Lie”
3)      Rae Morris “Cold (feat. Fryars)”
4)      Echosmith “Cool Kids”
5)      Brandon Flowers “Can’t Deny My Love”
6)      Bebe Rexha “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You”
7)      DJ Encore “Sweeter Than Beauty”
8)      Morgan Page “Safe Till Tomorrow”
9)      Will Young “Brave Man”
10)  Wynter Gordon “Bleeding Out”

“Cut me and my blood runs, cut me and my blood runs Cold for you, cold for you, cold for you” - Rae Morris “Cold (feat. Fryars)”

I listen to this song and it reminds me that I am human, I can’t do everything. I spent a very long time telling myself do not make mistakes, do not fall. There is no way for me to live life like that and I have to be okay with it. So I listen to this song when I start getting upset at myself over something.

In everything you see
Why don't you set it free?
Cause when you close your eyes
I feel it by your side

Follow me inside your head
We're letting go of everything they ever said

Forget the world outside our covers
We're safe till tomorrow
Morgan Page “Safe Till Tomorrow”

What can I say I live inside my head? The song is all around sweet, and I would love to just be able to hide in under the covers until tomorrow. A girl can dream!

You got a hold of my heart now
You took a piece and you cut it out
You crawled up under my skin,

Under my skin I'm bleeding out I told you no but I love you,
I told you no but I’ll let you so take the rest of it, all, the best of it,
I'm bleeding out,
Wynter Gordon “Bleeding Out”

The song does not have any particular meaning for me behind it (all though a few lines ring true). I am just a big fan of hers and so glad she has released another EP.  

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