Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How Realistic is Your Idea of Love? (Quiz)

I have been talking a class on family and of course these means taking a look at relationships and part of that is sex and love. This got me thinking of doing two post and posting the quizzes that I have been taking.  One asked basic sex questions and the other is a quiz on love. This post will be on love. This is one of the major things that make up a healthy relationships. Love in movies, TV, and other media outlets make love seem like something that it is not, and this intern gives people unrealistic ideas about love and relationships. Take the quiz and see how much you really know about love. (Along with the quiz I will give my scores and what I took away from the chapter.)

            ASK YOURSELF: How Much Do You Know about Love?

1)      There is an ideal mate for every person; just keep looking. Myth or truth

2)      Women are more romantic than men. Myth or truth

3)      Love conquers all. Myth or truth

4)      Men’s and women’s love needs are different. Myth or truth

5)      Real love last forever. Myth or truth

6)      Everybody falls in love sooner are later. Myth or truth

7)      Love brings happiness and security. Myth or truth

8)      Love endures and overcomes all problems. Myth or truth

9)      Men are more interested in sex than love. Myth or truth

10)  I can change the person I love. Myth or truth

 (Benokraitis, 2011 p.138)

I for the most part even before reading about love this week have not had an unrealistic look on love. I do not believe in love at first sight, soul mates (in the since it is given), or love is enough to make it work. There is no bell that goes off and you know that this person is going to make you happy for the rest of your life. I also have never believe that love should be complicated.

What I did learn this week was that men do show love differently and that can often be overlooked because the media and the world around us often promote the way women love as the right way. Men do not just sit down and talk through emotions, no they changing the oil in the car, buying you that drink before coming home, even taking out the trash is how men show love. You have to look at the individual guy and ask “what does he do that shows his love?”

The second thing I learned is that love is the simple things, it’s going to the store, working out a budget, going to bed tired and not having sex for weeks and still thinking I love this life we have together. As stated before I do not have unrealistic ideas of love but when you read that the longest and strongest relationships are built of more than just love and romance, they are made of sacrifice, time, understanding, and the ability to change with each other and love each other as they change. The easiest thing to forget is that people change and that you are in a relationships with an individual. If you cannot love someone for who they are you need to reconsider if its love or lust, if you stay for fear, convince, or your children. Relationships are complicated, love is not.

Anyways my score for the quiz was 7 (I got 3 wrong) and I was not surprised I had to stop for moment and think when taking the quiz. This is only of the only classes I have taken that look at love this in-depth and I really enjoyed it. I will say this, having a realistic view of love is is hard. A lot of people I have dated had this unrealistic ideas and to be honest it’s caused some major issues, and breakups. but its okay because if you can't see eye to eye on what love is it won't work.

Answers to the quiz…… They are all Myths. If you would like to ask me a question about why the answer is a myth leave it in the comments. If not check out the book.


Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.


  1. Okay, for the most part I was correct. 1 and 7 got me though. I guess I am just a helpless romance because I do believe there is someone for anyone who truly wants it. Your heart just has to be in it. Also, I believe I found security and greater sense of happiness in my marriage from the love I share with my husband. I suppose these are not general outcomes for many though and there are a great deal of factors involved as well. Please, share why they are myths???

    1. 1 is a myth because people can love and leave. The only love that is really secure is the love a person has for themselves and even that is not always secure. Good people never find love. People who want love never find a lifelong love. You have to remember this was a class based off of statistics. Some of these myths help people (like believing someone is out there) but they can also cause people to create unrealistic ideas.