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3 Things That Can Make Learning Fun for Preschoolers.

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I am writing this really late because I decided to hang out with Noah and watch a movie. Mom life right?!

Noah is a hard sell on learning his ABC’s and numbers. He knows has known his shapes and colors for over a year. I have not pressured him into learning anything as this can cause him to hate learning before he even gets going (1). However, I have found a few tricks that I would like to share.

Peg puzzles: If you have read my blog you have probably seen my rants on not giving little children puzzles. However, peg puzzles are a lot less of a night mare with a little one. Noah has had a really positive response with the peg puzzles, we are learning a bit more about ABC’s and numbers thanks to these. These have done the best with recognition.

Flash cards: These were not my first choice but ABC Mouse was a bust. However, when Noah feels like he really wants to learn he brings the flash cards to me (numbers, and ABC's). I love it, it makes him feel like he has a say in his learning.

 Books with things they like teaching them things they don’t like. Noah loves trucks so I got this book “I Stink” and thanks to it I got Noah to start saying his ABC’s. The down side is he keeps saying “s is for stinky socks; p is for puppy poo.” These response kind of make my stomach turn.

Let them pick the pace. Do not rush the child this is going to get you and them frustrated. Many schools, daycares, and so on want children learning more younger, but as noted above it is not the best interest of the child to learn beyond what they can understand (1). If a child is learning ahead keep with it, but if your child is like mine and only likes a few things than go with those things and try and make what they dislike interesting as well. Don't push, remember children in many countries (like Germany) do not have children start school until 7. So take your time and enjoy it. 

1) Berk, L. (2012).  Infants and children prenatal through middle childhood. Pearson Publishing.  

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