Friday, February 5, 2016

Create Your Own Religion

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What holidays does it celebrate? The seasons (i.e. equinox and solstice) how these are celebrating should be based around family, guarantied, love, peace, and giving back.

How does it deal with birth? Death? Death and birth would be looked at as a natural part of life. Death would be seen as a part of life but understandable to hurt about, but not linger on.

Does it have a story of creation or of the end of the world? No

What kinds of institutions or activities does it support? Anything that does not involve anything that harms another living thing. This does include eating meat. Not saying you cannot eat meat but the animal must be treated in a humane way and killed in a humane way.

Finally, what is your religion really about? Peace and love.

If you have read my post on sociology and religion you probably see some question are missing. Not only was this task a lot harder to do but it shows the complexity of religion. I am going to be honest I cannot get past my own bias for this post. I cannot see religion at this point just spirituality.  You are probity wandering what is the difference. Well to put it simple (I mean a large over simplification) spirituality is your own and religion Is shared with a masses.  

I have surprisingly learned a lot about myself doing this. If I have to pick a religion I would be a Buddhist (I knew this) or wiccan (did not see that coming).  I also realized my issue with religion comes down to one thing. All good logic going out of the window to maintain some illusion about the belief.  I also realized that my religion would have one key thing in common with every major religion and that is peace and love, who would have thought!

If you want to give this a try go to my other post and copy the questions. It is so much harder than it looks. 

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