Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring is the Best Time of the Year!

I am so excited that spring is near and coming. It is the best time of the year, I mean don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and all the other holidays but Spring is the perfect time of year. 

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This is a guest post written by Susie Liberatore from Momma Bee Saving.
For many the weather is somewhat mild in spring; its not hot and its not too cold. Families start to get the itch to go out and explore the beautiful weather, since most were probably stuck inside for the winter. There is nothing more beautiful than the crisp spring air, with the smell of fresh flowers, and hoodies! Something about that makes life better and exciting!

There are so many things that you can do with or without a family! You don’t need to go out to the mall or to the normal cliché places, you can have fun outdoors with some of these simple, and cheap ideas! Many of these are things you know but just need to be reminded of! Build some childhood memories as a family with your children!

It's time for spring cleaning
Get your kids involved in indoor and outdoor cleaning! Your yard might need some work, have them give you the shovel while you plant a flower. Ask for their opinion on where to place the flower. If you don’t want to plant a flower, you can just have them help do yard work.

Go to a Park
Parks are typically beautiful during the spring once the flowers start bloom! Take the kids to the park, bring snacks, drinks, and have some fun! This is free to do so why not take advantage of it. If there is a lake or a pond go fishing or feed the ducks! Kids love this!!

Easter Egg Hunts
Easter is in the spring time and what a better way to have fun! You can have an outdoor  egg hunt. As long as the weather cooperates, you can hide the eggs and have the kids find them! This is so much fun!

Playing on a playground/swing set
If you have a swing set in your backyard let them play and enjoy sometime out there. If you don’t have one take them to the park and let them play on the swings and go down the slide. This almost seems like a no brainer, right!

Riding Bikes
Riding bikes is so much fun! Everyone get on your bike and ride it in your local neighborhood or park. This is so much fun when it is done as a family and not just with one person. Depending on if you have sidewalks or not your best bet might be to check out the parks, and if there are bike routes around you.

Play a sport
Oh my gosh sports are so much fun and are important for your kids to do for development and recreational activities. Even if they aren’t on a sports team, put together a group of kids in your backyard and play. It's cheap and fun. It doesn’t have to be competitive!

Play in a sandbox
What kid doesn’t love getting dirty?! Let them have all the toys they want in the sandbox and build a sandcastle. I mean this is the life of a kid, right. If you haven’t built a sandcastle you haven’t truly lived ;)

Water fun
Depending on where you are and what the temperature is, you can have some fun in the water. Somedays it might be really nice out that you can just let them run through the sprinkler. Parks or recreational areas might have an indoor pool if you want to do some water activities.

Campfires & Camping
This is one of the best times of the year.. I love the smell of the crisp fire outside and the fresh air. Camping is one of the greatest childhood memories I remember and love. Even if you don’t have a camping area near by, you can create a campfire in your backyard and have some s'mores.

What are some of your favorite childhood activities? Share some with us!
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