How I Deal with Anxiety as a Single Mother (Solo Girl Chronicles)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

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I have had people ask me for many years “how would you describe anxiety” and I have never known what to say. Well today while drinking coffee and listening to my boyfriend get ready to take my son out to ride his bike it hit me.
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First let me give you some back story. I have a family history of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. I along with other siblings have had problems with anxiety and depression starting at very young ages. However, it did not come to a head for me until I was pregnant, homeless, trying to get out of an abusive relationship, and realizing I was going to be a single mother. All of that happening had me go from mild anxiety to severe overnight. I could not even buy baby clothing without going into crying fits . Anyway let’s get back on track.

Anxiety is like being in water and I am just staying afloat, and I can see the lifeguard but he can’t see me. I have everyone else around me saying “the lifeguard will help” and they keep going about what they are doing. I am in this state of fear, relief, hope, despair, and so much more. Now imagine this feeling and seeing my son in the water with me. I cannot 100% worry about me getting out of this or what I should be doing for myself because I have another depended on me for his safety. That is how anxiety feels when you are single parent.

My son is now 4 and I have battled mild to moderate anxiety all his life. It is not something I carry any shame over, it’s just a part of my life.  I have yelled at him because of stuff out of his control (that I feel shame over), I have stopped eating, sleeping, pulled my hair out, and so much more. When you are taking care of a child and you are so worried about everything that could go wrong you start to make things go wrong. When I was anxious so was my son, he would eat less, yell and misbehave, cry more, and not listen. It was not until I was taking a class on trauma and children that I learned children mirror the parent when learning to deal anxiety and other hard emotions. I thought what every good parent thinks “how can I teach him to deal with this better than me?” In asking this question I have taught myself a few things to deal with anxiety better.

The first thing I started doing was eating, even if I did not want to eat. I found foods that help with anxiety such as blueberries, chocolate, and almonds. My go to for a hard day was a Twix or a hand full of chocolate covered cranberries or almonds.

The second thing I started doing was changing the temperature in the room. I read that this helps with anxiety for a temporary but immediate change in anxiety. I use this a lot at work, the room I work in is hot so on my lunch break I go into a room that is cold. I than make it through the rest of my work day anxiety free by having taken that time to breathe and push negative thoughts away.

The third thing that I had to learn was take time for myself. This is still really hard but I force it if I have to. You cannot deal with anything if you do not show yourself some love. Chocolate covered cranberries or almonds are a small way even if I am caring for my son that I am saying to myself “you can still take care of you”. I also blog, for this reason it is something that is 100% mine and allows me to just do what I want.

The fourth thing I did was find a way to deal with the anxiety in a constructive manner. I looked for ways that did not require me seeing doctor to deal with anxiety. *I have mild to moderate anxiety but I suggest if you deal with anxiety every day and it is having major effects on your life see a doctor. * I now try and write outside of blogging and I do a lot of coloring. Coloring has by far been the best way for me to deal with my anxiety. Sometimes I can go weeks without coloring and some weeks I have to color a few days, but it works for me.

The last thing I have learned is to push the negative thoughts out of the way. This is hard but anxiety is just thinking the worse over and over and over. I found that if I write what I am feeling, talk about, or do something about it I can deal with the negative thoughts and focus on the positive. I did this recently when my savings were dropping and I had not heard back from the job I interviewed for on a start date. I talked my feeling through with my older sister and got back to job hunting and kept telling myself “it will all work out the way it should, if I have no control over it don’t worry about it” (that’s my mantra). Sure enough a few days later I started work, and I saved myself a lot of days of anxiety, yelling, crying, and all the in-between by remembering if I have no control not to worry.

I found that dealing with anxiety as a single parent is a unique challenge but it is doable, and I am teaching my child some very positive ways of dealing with anxiety when it arises in him. I have to remember to save my child, I have to save myself first.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor before making major decision about mental health consult a doctor.

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  1. I think taking time for ourselves as women and moms is so important. We all find these coping skills, I know I do this counting thing when I have panic attacks.

    1. That is interesting does the counting help?

  2. I'm not a single mom, but I do have anxiety and panic attacks. I find food is no help. I use it too much as a crutch rather than learning how to identify and work through my feelings.

    1. Food I am sure is used as a crutch for a lot of people and when using food one does have to be careful. I do not enjoy eat so I am not worried, but I am really happy that you identified that food was not helping but hurting you.

  3. This is a great post! I have anxiety and have been a single mom most of my kids lives. I have dealt with it in various ways, your ways are great!

    1. Thank you! What are some of the ways you deal with anxiety.


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