Sunday, May 1, 2016

Writing Prompts for Mother's Day and Learning Oneself.

For those of you who have followed the blog you know I deal with anxiety. I have found two ways to help  deal with it, I use writing and coloring. Now that I am done with school I can really get back into writing and controlling my anxiety without medication. I want to share with every mom who is also dealing with anxiety. Starting this week every other Sunday will having writing prompts and/or my picks of free coloring page(s), and the other Sundays I will talk about depression, anxiety, and other mental illness that single mothers may be going through. .

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The idea is to take about 5 to 15 minutes a day and write this is not always going to happen but I have found any time I spend writing even if it is just 5 minutes is helpful. Here are the next two weeks of writing prompts and a free coloring page. On the Sunday of writing prompts, I will post one post I did from the weeks before so that all of you can get a better look into who I am

In honor of Mother’s Day, the working prompts for next week (April 2- 8) are all about being a mom.

Monday: Talk about the negative things that happen in your birth story.
Tuesday: Talk about how the negatives about your birth story are outweighed by the good.
Wednesday: What was your very first Mother’s Day like?
Thursday: How do you feel about Mother’s Day as a single mother?
Friday: What is your dream Mother’s Day like?
Saturday: What were Mother’s Day’s like when you were a child?
Sunday: How did you spend this Mother’s Day?

I am learning that one of the issues I am having is knowing who I am. I did not think this was going to be a huge problem, but it is. I am not sure of what career I want, what would be best for me, or what I even like anymore. I feel we could always use some time to reflect on who we are.
Week: April 9-15

Monday: What things about me have stayed the same over the years.
Tuesday: What things about you have changed over the last 5 years?
Wednesday: Do you feel you know yourself well?
Thursday: What person would you like to be?
Friday: How can you become the person you want to be?
Saturday: What is one belief you have that is self-limiting?
Sunday: Who is a person that dislike yet you spend time with? (Why do you spend time with them?)

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What do you think about everything? What writing prompts would you like to see?
How do you deal with any mental illness or stress you are going through?

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Single mom, journal, Writing prompts, Mother's Day, Leaning, anxiety, free, coloring page, adults


Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.


  1. I deal with anxiety too! Luckily my husband has helped me so much. He knows the things that cause me anxiety and he helps me through them. I do my best to take baby steps and face my anxiety a little at a time and over time I have improved so much!! I hope you find answers!! xo


    1. Thank you, I am glad your husband is there for you.

  2. I have heard coloring for adults is awesome! I have a mild anxiety disorder on top of menopausal issues. I have always kept a journal, it is a must to get the negative feelings out where you can see them and change them yep that was past therapy talking but it truly works.

    1. Yes the coloring is amazing! I want to get into writing a few times a week.