Reminder Binder Review and Giveaway

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I have been having a lot of problems with getting everything done, as I have stated in Work + Blog = Not Working. On top of changing this around I have gone back into using a planner. In the last two years of college the only way for me to remember to do all of my assignments was if I had it written down. A few weeks okay I forgot I had to clock in early… That is a sign that I needed a planner. After looking through many (and I mean a lot) I finally found one call the Reminder Binder. I am super excited to give my review on the product.
Giveaway, Review, Free, planner, single mom, time management, stickers

What I love about the Binder
17-month planner
Weekly and monthly planning
Lists (for months, weeks, and just a list)
Contact pages
Dates to remember page
It is colorful
Made to fit in your bag (for on the go use)
Notes (for months and weeks)
Comes with 312 stickers (to bring it to life)

Giveaway, Review, Free, planner, single mom, time management, stickers

Here is what I dislike about the Reminder Binder
The binding
Giveaway, Review, Free, planner, single mom, time management, stickers

As you can see the pros out way the cons when it comes to this planner. The binding is not cheap the issues is there are too many pages. I feel however this is not really going to be an issues. The price for the planner is also on the higher side of $24.00. This is a bit more than I ever thought I would pay for a planner, but I love it.
As you can see from the pictures I have started feeling out the binder. I am counting down the time until I can start using it (it is dated from August (2016) to December (2017).

Giveaway, Review, Free, planner, single mom, time management, stickers

 I love this so much I have decided to give a binder away with an additional 432 stickers.  

What is your favorite type of planner do you use? Do you even use a planner?

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  1. Thank you.

  2. I use my phone but would really love a paper planner

    1. I have never been good with electric planners. Wish you the best of luck with the giveaway.

  3. I love planners! They totally keep me organized. This looks like a fantastic one!

    1. I love them to they are like lip items I have to catch myself so I don't just keep buying them. LOL

  4. That's a damn cute binder. opps! I missed the giveaway

  5. I use a planner to help me keep my life in order. With 3 kids things get a little crazy around here. I've never used one with stickers though. May give it a chance.


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