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Friday, September 30, 2016

I think as single mothers we have a unique challenge of trying to stay motivated, free from anger and despair, while juggling doing a two-person job, work, school, and in some cases juggle a romantic partner at the same time. The day to day grind can become very overwhelming.

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I have been very stressed out of late. I have many things happening both in my work life and personal and it can become very overwhelming. I am happy to say that I am handling well according to my Leaf (my fitness tracker for women I 100% will do a review on this). This is not to say that at moments everything has not gotten to me.  I have made a few changes in my day to day life to deal with everything (but I’ll save that for another post) one of the ways I have been dealing with it all is music. I have not really listened to my IPod since starting work, but in the last few weeks I have made it a priority to get some kind of music heard during the work week, to help with the stress.
My Playlist:  
Goddess by Banks
Fire Under My Feet by Leona Lewis
Punching Out by Jade Ewen
Me Without You by Gwen Stefani
Louboutins by Jennifer Lopez
Castle by Halsey
Keep On Dancin’ by Ellie Goulding
Broken Heels by Alexandra Burke

How do you like my playlist?
Did you know a lot of the songs? 
You want to listen to these song??? I know you do so I created a playlist on YouTube just for my readers. Enjoy!

Anyways, music has helped me so much this past week I thought I would share the love by giving away a $25 gift card so you could create your own Kick A** Playlist.

Kick A** Single Mom Playlist Giveaway

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Single, Mom, playlist, music, iTunes, iPod, free, giveaway

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  1. I love your playlist - can't wait to check them all out. I totally have Beyonce's HOLD UP on mine :) S.


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