Friday, November 4, 2016

The Struggles of Having a Boy with Long Hair

I miss Noah’s hair. In case I did not mention it Noah got his hair cut in June. It was decision that he made and I was more than happy to let him do what he wanted with his hair. With that said I miss his hair so in honor of Noah’s curls I have written this post.

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I expected a lot of struggles when becoming a single mom, none of which had to do with my son’s hair. However, I have seen as many issues with my son’s hair as me being a single parent. It is not only amazing how he took to his hair but the judgement others  had on him having long hair. 
 He felt that he was born with a reusable napkin.  If Noah had food on his hands  he would just  runs his fingers through his hair. He did this up until  age four when he got better about using a real napkin, but he still did it every now and again.

If it is a liquid, it goes in the hair. Noah has poured milk, juice, soda, water, soup, and a few other things in his hair. I do not think he gets the fact that only water goes in his hair. He thinks it is funny. He has gotten better at not doing this but even with short hair he has the urge to pour stuff on his head. 

Strangers liked to inform me how I had miss gendered MY child.  My favorite thing to do at the store was argue that Noah was in fact a boy. Now I do not mind Noah being called a girl, but he had started caring that people were saying it. When someone says “she is so cute.” I say “thank you, HE is!” Instead of saying “oh it’s a boy?” Many like to say “it’s a boy?” WTF I just said he was. :/

I am a new age mom. The assumption was/is often made that I am a new age, tree hugging, hippie. I don’t find anything wrong with people like this but what I do find wrong is the assumption made. Sure I love the earth, am all about peace and love, but you cannot make that connection through my son’s hair being long (er).

I am going to make my son gay. I heard this often and it is the weirdest thing. I have just one thing to say about this, I 100% positive that hair has nothing to do with sexuality. One does not “become gay” because they had long hair, painted nails, and wore their moms high heels. Like really!?

You need to cut his hair. This was the most annoying thing of all. EVERYONE said I should cut his hair. The number one reason I was told he should cut his hair is because "boys don't have long hair," "people will judge him." WTF, how does me caving to society's prejudice teaching my son anything?

Noah enjoyed his hair while he had and that was enough. I do not care what anyone thinks. If he wakes up tomorrow and wants to grow it back out than I am standing with him.
Here is Noah with his fresh cut!

Have you had/let your child do something that people felt the need to chime in on? If so what was it and how did you deal with it?

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