Friday, January 13, 2017

The Greatest Thing About Being a Fraternal Twin

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I turn 27 this year (let the tears roll), what is so awesome is that I share this day with my twin sisters (who will happily tell you her birthday is 6 minutes before mine.). I have always told people that being a twin is very much like being born with a soul mate.

When people think about twins they think about identical twins, people who are very similar in both emotions, looks, and biology. Let's start from the beginning my twin and I were born January 17th 1990. We were born early and due mid March. My twin and I are fraternal this means that my twin and I are basically two different humans just carried and born on the same day. Being a fraternal twin is nothing like being an identical twin it is great but in different ways.

Back on point, my twin is my soulmate so in a way I am very lucky. I do not feel this need to go find someone to complete me. Do not get me wrong my twin and I acted/act like siblings not twins in some ways.

First, we do not like the same things. My twin is day, I am night. She is all about family, marriage, sunshine and butterflies. That's not me, I love Noah to the heavens but I would not like to be a stay at home mom, I am a night owl, and pessimistic compared to my twin.
Second, you don’t have to be getting along and still stand up for each other. My twin and I did a lot of arguing when we were younger, I mean at each other, but no one could do anything to my sister. Believe it or not I am the more outspoken of the two, my sister for a long time was not okay with hurting others so “no” was not something she was good at saying. One thing I could not just stand by and watch is have people walk all over my twin.
Third, you balance one another. My twin being an extrovert always balanced out the fact that I am an introvert. In a lot of ways she helped keep me from becoming a hermit. She always had us volunteered for some social event. Sometimes it felt very overwhelming but she really did help balance me out.  
Fourth, you get a best friend for life. My twin now lives in another country and we are still really close. We talk about everything from parenting to the weather, and our children know who their cousins are. It is still a very rewarding relationship.

In other ways my twin and I have acted like identical twins, we got married just over a month apart, had our sons 6 weeks apart, and in some cases if something is wrong with the other we can feel it (I do this more then my twin).  

If you could be a twin what would you enjoy the most? Would you want to be an identical or fraternal twin?

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Shakirah is a single mom to a 5 year old. She is a blogger, teacher, and graduate student. Her goal is to bring a more positive and realistic look into the lives of single mothers.


  1. I would like to be an identical twin to confuse my husband. Lol. Really though, you said it so perfect. I have never felt like we should have been anything but fraternal because it makes our relationship more special. You are my lifetime soulmate.