Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cheap and Easy Photo Editing With FotoJet (Review)

If you love Canva but hate the price FotoJet is what you need. Read my review and give Fotojet a try for free.

The hardest part of blogging for me is the branding. For a long time I did not care about the branding until I got really serious about my blogging (i.e. trying to turn it into an income). Being consistent and creating images for my blog take just as much time and thought as creating writing. So on recommendation I tried Canva (the go to for bloggers) but it comes with a steep price ($109 a year) so when I was contacted to do a review on FotoJet I was over the moon.

Let me start by saying FhotoJet is a photo design and editing online software. It comes with tips and tricks and some step by step instructions (with pictures) for any newbies who are just entering the photo editing world.

This tool comes with some pros and cons much like they all do.


Price - You can use the free version to get your feet wet and if you find you like it . It is $34 a year! This is a great price for a year especially if you are just starting off and not really wanting to over invest.

Selection - There is not a huge selection but if you are just starting out this is great. It is not overwhelming with 100’s of things  to choose from.

Ease - Very easy to learn and navigate the site. Everything is self explanatory. The only thing I had a hard time with was figuring out how to delete stuff (figured it out).

New - The best part about being apart of something new is they listen. When they want to make changes they start with that the fans want. You kind of get to make a mark on what happens next.

Saving unfinished work - I am used to using stuff like Canva and Picmonkey where you either have to finish what you start or it saves automatically and you can come back to it later. FotoJet does something I have not seen and that is allow you to save your work on your computer and come back to it later. I love this it is like using Photoshop or GIMP.


Blog Selection - The site is great for social media images (Pins, Facebook, stuff like that) but it does not have template for blog headers or anything like that.

Loading time - The site is using Javascript and it can take more time to load than I like, but such is life.

Saving unfinished work - I know I just talked about how great the saving was, but for some this is a con (I still love it).

Overall I give the site a 4 out of 5. This site is best for those just starting out or who are very creative and just need a platform to get their work done and let their creative juices flow.

If you love Canva but hate the price FotoJet is what you need. Read my review and give Fotojet a try for free.

Give FotoJet a try for free. All photos in this post were created using FotoJet.

*This is a sponsored post, I received an item for this post. However, all opinions and views are my own. *

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  1. I've never heard of fotojet before. But it's always great to find other options. I have used Pixlr forever, along with Canva's free version. I have photoshop now because I'm taking a web design course, so I'm practicing with that. But in a pinch if I'm not at home I would try fotojet.

  2. I have not heard of FotoJet either. I normally use PiZap pro, which is around $3.99 a month. However, they do not have the save option and that is not good for someone who is so indecisive and makes changes constantly! I will definitely check this out. Thanks!