My name is Shakirah

I am a Single MOM, Teacher, and Blogger.

I have been through some crazy things in my life, staring with my mother. She is bipolar and could never hold on to a job, thus I moved every 3 to 6 months for years. I married a man who was abusive and controlling at 21 and by 22 I was divorced, a single mother, and living with family in fear. When anything happens in life negative or positive it has an impact on our mental state. I cannot explain the roller-coaster of emotions I have battled. At one point in my life I had even been suicidal.

I have had a custody “thing” going on, on and off for almost 5 years. In February it hit a boiling point and I thought I am about to lose my mind. So I reached out and got help, and what I learned blew my mind. I was handling everything the right way. I was taking all the right steps to keep myself psychically and mentally sound. I guess I thought because I was stressed and anxious I was not mentally healthy, but the consular thought otherwise. It was not only empowering to hear that, but it lifted a weight off of my shoulders. It is okay to go through something now or be trying to heal from something in the past and be anxious and stressed. It is about how you deal with this stress and anxiety that makes the difference.

The first thing they tell you when it comes to stress and anxiety is to eliminate the problem. However, that is not always something that can be done. So I have created this course for women who are in a stressful situation they cannot change (going through a divorce) or trying to help from something that just happened (fall out with best friend).

This Course Will Focus On 4 Areas:
Mental Health

Tools Provided:
Free Printable Work Book
Exclusive Facebook or Google + Group
Free Resources

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

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